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The CajunAire 500 single-family wastewater treatment plants is an extended aeration activated sludge process. This type of treatment depends primarily upon the use of air that is introduced to the wastewater from your home. When air is introduced it promotes the growth of aerobic organisms that break down the organic solids in the wastewater, producing inorganic and stable organic solids. This use of air is called aeration.
The aeration process provides dissolved oxygen, mixing of the wastewater, and enough time for organisms or bacteria to break down the organic solids.
The CajunAire 500 Advanced aerates the wastewater in the aeration chamber following the pretreatment unit. However the CajunAire 500 Basic dose not have the pretreatment unit and the sewerage is introduced directly into the aeration chamber. In the aeration chamber the wastewater is brown in color. This caused by the return of sludge from the clarifier. As the water leaves the aeration chamber it enters a quiet zone where no mixing occurs. The quiet zone is referred to as the clarifier. In the clarifier the solids separate from the liquid and settle to the bottom: this matter is called sludge.
The sludge contains dissolved oxygen and this oxygen activates the bacteria it contains. This "activated sludge" is returned to the aeration chamber to be remixed. The sludge mixes with the incoming wastewater and this mixture of returned sludge and wastewater is referred to as mixed liquor.
This mixed liquor flows back to the clarifier; solids separate and return to the aeration chamber and so on and so forth.

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